What is a "Sodium Cathode"?

Yes, our name is a weird name - kinda steampunk, vaguely science-y.  What does it mean?

You have found the semi-secret page that spills the beans.

The process we use to add artwork to aluminum pickguards requires a solution of free ions suspended in water.  We then mask off the artwork on the pickguard and submerge it in the solution.  A second, sacrificial piece of scrap metal is added to the solution.  After they are submerged, we add an electrical charge to the two pieces -- the anode (positive charge) is added to the pickguard to attract the corrosive ions, and the cathode (negative charge) is added to the sacrificial metal to attract the non-corrosive metallic ions.

Since the cathode is usually used to attract Sodium ions, it becomes, over time a Sodium-coated cathode.

Thus: Sodium Cathode.  We named ourselves after the waste product of our process.

You're welcome.