About Our Product

Let's talk about pickguards.

You have seen pickguards before, on every Tele, Strat, SG, Jazz Bass, etc. ever made.  Our guess is that 100% of them were made of material like this:

Whatever cutout design you have seen, the material itself (plastic, or sometimes a sandwich of a couple of layers) is about 3mm thick, pretty light weight, and reasonably rigid.  It has a beveled edge to soften the face profile, and it weighs between 3-5 ounces (between 100 and 150 grams for our international readers).

Sodium Cathode pickguards are made out of aluminum for a couple of reasons:

  • Your wiring has a lot of tape plastered on the inside of your guitar body for shielding.  A metal pickguard is the ultimate shielding device.
  • Your pickups are giant magnets, and pickguard material cannot be magnetic if it is going to leave your pickups functioning normally. (So: they cannot be any magnetic form of iron)
  • Aluminum pickguards allow us to create dimensional art which takes customization to a whole new level.
  • Metal looks a lot better than plastic.  No offense to anybody, but you paid $600 or more for a decent guitar and the most obvious part of the body is plastic?  Why?

However, when you pick up one of our pickguards, you will notice a few things right away:

  • They are significantly thinner than a standard pickguard (you will feel the difference between 1.5mm and the standard 3mm)
  • They have a different weight -- they will feel slightly heavier (about 3 ounces heavier)
  • The edge is smooth but not beveled

The result is a pickguard which changes the front side of the body of your guitar from plain to champagne.  Most importantly, our products are customized to say something else about you which a plastic sheet cannot.

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